Broken glasses

It’s been three years and seven months since I last bought a new pair of glasses which I only remember as I blogged about it at the time.

With those glasses it was the first time I was discovered to have astigmatism, but my overall eyesight appeared to have improved since the previous pair I got in 2005.

These glasses have mostly served me fine until a couple of weeks ago when one of the lenses started splintering near one of the connectors. Ignoring it at first it finally got to the point where they not only became practically unwearable, but also my eyes couldn’t adjust to the shift in the vision.

The last few days in tweets:

  • My glasses are now beyond being fixable. Need to get some cheap glasses in Reading somewhere, help? #rdg .
  • From what I can see Boots’ opticians have six lackeys and one qualified optician. Not really trust inspiring and long waiting times. #rdg.
  • Just spent two hours at Boots for eye test and then buying glasses. #exhausted #poor .
  • Four hours after getting up and my eyes have almost stopped hurting. This I consider progress. .
  • @iglooant Boots have some great deals starting at 79, however, with what I want/need, it’s been a lot more. .
  • I cannot wait for my new glasses to arrive. Today will be another struggle of hoping they’ll stay on.. TwitPic .

So today I have spent most of the day without glasses walking around in a bubble. This wasn’t helped by me having to sit in training unabl to read the board and getting increasingly more annoyed at, well, pretty much everything.

Glasses are now temporarily fixed and will hopefully last until my replacements arrive next week.

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4 Responses to Broken glasses

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  4. Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find
    out more details.


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