Things I would like

This isn’t a new year’s resolution and it’s probably a quite #firstworldproblems kind of post.

It all comes down to wanting to change things without changing too much and at the same time trying to take charge of life I guess rather than months passing by without me barely noticing. Or maybe not change, but things I really want to have and what I’m going to do to get them.

Kindle. I’ve wanted one since they were first announced and still do. The idea of being able to have so many books on one device is brilliant, especially if it remembers positions and auto syncs. I haven’t read enough in the last years. This year I have read one book which isn’t enough. Granted I have been busy with work and normally carry too much around in my bag to also have a book in there, but how can I justify the purchase of the Kindle if I don’t read much? So I’m setting myself a target. If I get it together and read six books of any kind in the next four months I feel justified enough to buy a Kindle. Or perhaps I won’t as it goes to show that I can read and carry around books after all!

Holidays. I would love to travel more or, to rephrase, travel at all. I’ve not left Reading in months and with the chaos of the last months I felt I couldn’t justify it or it would have seemed too much like I was running away. Last year wasn’t much better. I was in Germany once and once in Sheffield. Doing more this year seems like a plan and I’m aiming to go away three times between now and the end of the year, excluding the trip to Germany I have to go on next month as that isn’t a holiday. I’m looking to go to see a friend in Nottingham, visit Dublin and revisit Venice. Venice has been on my list to see again for years and I’m determined to make it happen this year.

Of course there are also other things I want, such as continuing being healthy [nothing’s happened since February, touch wood!], having less stress at work and finally having some routine back in my life.

The first title for this post was ‘Things I want’, but I found that a bit too harsh and changed it into something softer. Does it mean I want to soften the rest of the post, too? Who knows..

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4 Responses to Things I would like

  1. Kiran says:

    I agree with you about Kindle. It’s an amazing gadget. Add it to your wishlist, perhaps for Christmas :) Hope life is going on smoothly.


  2. Cat says:

    Yes, but even adding it to my wishlist would still mean I have to buy it!


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