Cycling again!

As I’ve moved away from towncentre and dislike public transport, it was about time to fix my bike and start cycling again. Thanks to @KevFerguson and the lovely people at Action Bikes I managed to do that on Tuesday evening and I’ve been cycling since:

Verdict of first cycle to work: took me 32 minutes including unlocking/locking my bike. I’m completely awake though and not stressed! #

Cycled into work again this morning, this time in 28 minutes, including unlocking/locking the bike. #

An interesting site to look at over the coming weeks will be CycleStreets which was linked to me by @Ach1000. Not only does it allow the planning of trips, but also notes things like elevation, usual road traffic and traffic lights. This is the elevation between Reading and Henley:

I am terribly out of practice so far, but do expect this to change within a week and my journey to work is moderate with fairly even elevation and less than four miles a day. There are a few things I’ll have to do to my bike, such as sort out the lights which I’ll hopefully get around to doing this weekend.

Overall I’m very excited to start cycling again!

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