Family traits

At the end of last year, during a thankfully rare correspondence, I asked my stepdad for pictures of my mum. I’ve still not received them.

I have, however, received a bunch of emails this week to sort out am appointment for resolution of a legal thing in Germany. Something he’s had the chance to sort out for over five years and didn’t and now he’s suddenly got it in his head that he has to sort it out right now and it cannot wait another month.

It’s putting pressure on me. Pressure I don’t need, especially not now.

When I left Germany (again!) two years ago I made the conscious decision to not have any contact with my stepdad or grandparents (aka the only family I have) and I’ve only regretted that decision when I’ve been back in contact with them. Or rather the decision to get back into contact with them and answering the phone.

It’s incredibly one-sided and so far has proven to me why I didn’t want the contact. My stepdad will only contact me when he needs something from me.

As a sidenote, that appears to be running in the family with a surprising email I’ve received yesterday from my stepdad’s son from his first marriage. I’ve met him twice, once as a toddler that I don’t remember and once at my stepdad’s third wedding in 2007.

A paragraph of smalltalk on how he wanted to email me for such a long time and so on quickly moved on to him asking me for help in a job application.

I have met him twice and there was literally no other contact.

What the fuck?

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