Apps on my phone

I keep getting asked by new Android users which apps I would recommend [All the apps currently on my phone can be seen on AppBrain] and for a while I’ve been meaning to make a post on the apps I use regularly. This isn’t it!

This is a post on the apps that I’ve just removed off my phone and why:

  • Townsmen 6 FREE: Even though my phone has a fairly large screen I’m finding this fairly unplayable.
  • Ocean Wave Live Wallpaper: Why is that even on there?
  • Dandelion Live Wallpaper: Again, why?
  • Aurora Live Wallpaper: And this one?
  • Blue Sea Live Wallpaper: How many more are there?
  • WordSearch Unlimited Free: Too easy.
  • Droid Comic Viewer: My phone’s screen is too small to read anything properly, this app would be awesome on an Android based tablet though.
  • Mini Info: Never used it.
  • Bakery Story™: Annoying, pointless.
  • Androidify: Used it for a minute once before getting bored of it.
  • SoundHound: Don’t like the site/service.
  • LiveProfile: This is a major one, it seriously slowed my phone down and kept crashing in the background even if I didn’t start it.
  • Words With Friends Free: Another major removal, it was slow, buggy and pretty much unplayable. It’s a shame as I’d have loved to play scrabble against my friends with iDevices.
  • Airport Mania FREE: Bought the full version!
  • Grooveshark: Too slow to start up! If I hear a song and want it to spend way over a minute to load!
  • Phone 2 Chrome: Should have read the description, I’m not comfortable sharing my Dropbox password.
  • Turbo Grannies FREE: Didn’t like the gameplay.
  • Duck Hunter: Didn’t like the gameplay.

I have now cut down from 102 to 88 apps which is a start!

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2 Responses to Apps on my phone

  1. pcurd says:

    WordFeud Free now works across Android and iPhone as a scrabble game!


  2. Cat says:

    Thanks for pointing that out to me, Peter! Pretty awesome.

    Do you have wordfeud? Add me – carocatuk!


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