Email of the day

Ordered some ASDA online groceries the other day which arrived last night and was missing a few things, but instead I got some bits I didn’t order.

I sent ASDA an email listing the items I didn’t receive so they could take it off the billing and received this email back which made me laugh a lot. Emphasis mine:

Dear Cat,

Thank you for your email.

I’m sorry that we didn’t send you four of the items that you asked for. This must have been disappointing as you expected to receive these with the rest of your order. I’m also sorry that you were sent pineapples and a cucumber that you didn’t ask for.

I have refunded you £3.53 for the missing items; this will take 3-5 working days to show on your payment card. You will receive an email to confirm the date and amount of this refund.

Thank you for being honest and for letting us know about the pineapples and the cucumber. As a gesture of goodwill, please feel free to keep these.

I ‘m glad that you’ve let us know about this and thank you for shopping at ASDA.


ASDA Home Shopping Team

It’s nice that it wasn’t an automated email, but for some reason the wording was really off.

Nice to see their customer service deal with it so quickly though.

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2 Responses to Email of the day

  1. Liz Aitken says:

    Well, now you have to come up with a use for your unexpected pineapples and cucumber!

    Pimms! It’s the only answer.


  2. Cat says:

    Well, I’ve already given one of the packets of pineapple to a housemate and the cucumber, too. Have nothing else it would go with!


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