Something to keep in mind

Normally when I’m ill I don’t bother going to the doctor’s until I’m fine again or I feel too ill to go at the time and then suddenly I’m over it and it didn’t seem to bad.

Last year I wrote a post which included:

Last week I had intense backpain which is recurring every few months and I can deal with it normally. This time, however, the painkillers I took foolishly before eating food didn’t work and made me feel five times worse and nauseous something I later find out to be related to low blood sugar. Won’t be doing that one again.

Well, I’m back at this point.

I woke up yesterday morning with intense nausea which, once I got to work, turned into an intense backpain which even three rounds of painkillers couldn’t fight. From Twitter:

  • 10.50am: Waiting for painkillers to kick in. *twiddles thumbs*
  • 11.40am: 50 minutes later and I’m still waiting for painkillers to kick in. Come on! #backpain
  • 1pm: Spent my lunchbreak trying to breathe through it and no go. Back at work feeling even worse. *sigh*
  • 2.30pm: Still a no-go on the painkillers plus added nausea. #tmi Now upping it to codeine based ones. Wish I could be home and not work. #backpain
  • 4pm: Took three rounds of painkillers to somewhat numb the pain for me.

Last night was one of the worst night’s sleep I had in a long time. I got home after work at 5.30pm and went to bed at around 6pm. Woke up at 8.30pm feeling nauseous and was sick and then spent the entire night either feeling nauseous and trying to breathe it away or trying to breathe through my backpain, both of which left me awake for most of the night. I also didn’t think it helpful googling ‘reduce nausea’ and finding most articles accompanied by a picture of food.

So what do I feel like today? Well, unlike last night, I am back on painkillers. Codeine based ones this time round which reduce both the nausea and the pain. I would like to have gone to the doctors, but I have to be at work instead and I fear that I will feel too strung out to be going there once I have finished work. I can feel the pain going away and the nausea is mostly gone, too, so I suspect I’ll be fine tomorrow and going to the doctor’s after something’s happened doesn’t really help as they’ll just give me the usual spiel of ‘take painkillers, yo’.

Which won’t help me next time this comes around in probably 2-4 months time.

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2 Responses to Something to keep in mind

  1. Noirem says:

    I would suggest going to the doctor even if you don’t make it till you feel better. Worst case scenario, they run some labs and don’t find anything and ask you to come back when it happens again. Best case, they can point to something and treat it.


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