Not to self: Don’t colour your hair black again

I have always had a quite relaxed attitude to dying my hair and have always used permanent colours. Sort of along the lines of ‘what is the worst that can happen’.

Since I’ve been 14 I have been:

  • All shades of red.
  • Blond [we won’t talk about that].
  • All shades of brown.
  • Deep purple.
  • Multicoloured [we won’t talk about that either].
  • Black.

Last November I decided to dye my hair black. I wanted to go for a deep brown and figured that black would eventually wash out to give me dark brown.

Yeah, right.

I have since coloured my hair six times in various red and brown shades with no success. I have used anti-dandruff shampoo as supposedly that helps chip away colour with no success either. Short of going to the hairdressers and pay lots of money to get my hair professionally stripped, which would also mean spending far too much time sitting there, I have tried everything.

Last night I gave it another go and the end bits are still mostly black. Learn from this, Cat! Black, just like a fringe, is not the way to go – ever.

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