Christmas presents

I’m starting to feel the pressure with all the Christmas knitting I planned to do. Originally I thought I had done it all well – I started before the end of October and I laid out exactly what I was going to knit for everyone and got the wool ahead of time.

And then it all went wrong and I hurt my thumb.

My current progress:

  • One project is 98% complete.
  • One project is 90% complete.
  • One project is 50% complete.
  • One project is not yet started.
  • One project is 40% complete and deferred until that friend’s birthday in January.
  • One project is 95% complete, but ties in with another project that is not yet started.

So it’s all a matter of getting it done and at the same time continuing to knit through the pain. Brilliant.

Of course once I have completed those I still need to wrap them and I don’t like wrapping presents yet luckily I have a friend who enjoys it so much that she practically asked me to let her do my Christmas wrapping for me. Who am I to argue?!

Turns out wrapping presents is something that many people don’t like doing as a tweet I made yesterday showed: “Far too many people I know truly enjoy wrapping presents. I can’t be the only one that doesn’t?!” #

  • Peterbcooper: I like giving people things in plastic bags.
  • vegoutgirl: make that two!
  • Katie1989: I love it! :D
  • ernmander: I don’t like wrapping presents, mainly because I am crap at it.
  • noirem: I like box shaped things and gift bags.
  • _mickychaela: I usually get my brother to do it. I am so bad at it, they’d look nicer in a carrier bag!
  • katupoo: I am bloody awful at wrapping. I barely even try anymore.
  • NTGrace: I hate it and always leave it until the last minute :o(
  • NickThomsponRG: your not the only one. There is a gift wrapping stand in the oracle which solves the problem
  • DavidMurby: No, you’re definitely not the only one :)
  • BenPrudden: My girlfriends Christmas present from me is to wrap my Christmas presents :P. But seriously, people do seem to like the wrapping.
  • Anie67: you aren’t!
  • su_lynx: add me to the list of people who enjoy wrapping presents!

Conversations following that centred around present wrapping parties [*shudders*] and wrapping me up [Noooo!]!

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