#CatIsOnACoach again

It’s the eve before my trip to Germany and I’m anxious, as always. I’m anxious in both parts for the actual trip [yet again not really a social trip] and having to spend the time on the coach. This isn’t the first time I’ve travelled great distances and I’ve blogged about it before here and here and here and here and here.

Over the next week I will be spending around 50 hours travelling though I think that’s a rather conservative estimate. My journey involves: Bus, bus, coach, coach, train and bus and the same in reverse for the return journey.

I’m not annoyed about it, after all I chose it and I know I can sleep well on coaches and now have a Kindle, but it’s still quite strange knowing all that time is looming.

I will most likely be tweeting about it as well and most likely use the #CatIsOnACoach hashtag. Feel free to follow it!

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