I recently finished watching the final series of Medium.

It’s a show I discovered years ago and, despite not really being convinced by its concept, stuck to. Mediums and premonitions aren’t really anything I give credit to.

The show was great for its characters, particularly the DuBois family. Joe’s difficulty of dealing with his wife’s abilities and the children’s daily life coming second after their mum’s job felt real. The family had to adjust and even later episodes made a point of dealing with things like the schoolrun or the girls slowly growing up. One of my favourite B plots involved Ariel having to make a difficult decision whether to accept a dead husband’s help deceiving his wife and deleting emails if his infidelity in exchange for him helping her pass the interview for university. Another involved Allison lying to her husband’s mother by telling her she had a dream about her years down the future after having been diagnosed with brain cancer leading to her not making any arrangements when it came close to her dying several years later.

There were also many things that annoyed me – Allison was too vague and often withheld or didn’t share information until the “oh, I saw that” moment which could have potentially saved lives before. In that regard I wish the writers had been more clever about important plot developments.

However, the thing that really left me with a bad taste in my mouth and really made me question the whole show was the final episode. I can’t forgive the writer’s for wrapping it up by removing all the things that made the show great – the family. I remember thinking the episode was less sad than Buffy’s ‘The Body’ and that was in equal parts the episode being sad, the end of a great show and the events of the episode.

Overall it’s a show I can see myself watch again years down the line, but I will not be watching that last episode again.

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