Hot pink, emerald and gold lengthways scarf

I first started a scarf for my friend’s birthday all the way back in October when I opted for a patchworky looking pattern out of various knit and purl stitches over four rows with two different colours until I realised that the colours, whilst matching really well, were my favourite colours, not hers. Knowing that her favourite colours are hot pink and emerald I chose to buy some wool when I was in Germany.

Initially I was dubious about the colours and whether they would really work together, but quickly realised that they were actually practically made for each other and quickly progressed.

It’s the first time I chose to knit a scarf lengthways which is surprising seeing how many scarves I have actually knitted. It was @sahfenn who first put the idea in my head at some time last year, but I never actually got around to doing it myself. With this scarf I was really looking to create something with texture and a bit of an Asian feel which the colours definitely achieve. By knitting lengthways I was able to alternate colours for a large chunk of the scarf which also automatically created tassels at the end.

The yarn is Schachenmayr SMC Bravo which is 100% acrylic and distributed by Coats Crafts and I used approximately 85% of the pink and 55% of the emerald, as well as approximately 35g of gold Anchor Artiste.

I cast on judging purely by gauging the length and lots of guessing and then alternated knitting emerald and gold with pink and gold rows, as well as a pink middle section with a double gold midsection.

Once cast off I knotted the tassels together, two at a time and normally one of each colour. This eliminated having to add tassels at a later point and meant I didn’t have to sew in any ends.

Overall this was an incredibly easy and quick scarf to knit. I now have ideas for my next lengthways scarf with an initial idea of a rainbow coloured one.

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