Jessica Daniel – Locked In & Vigilante by Kerry Wilkinson [@kerrywk]

Locked in was the first book I downloaded a sample of before realising I liked the book enough to buy it. It was specifically this sentence within the first few pages:

She had no texts, no missed calls and the only emails were ones offering her enhancements she definitely wouldn’t be needing without far more invasive and complicated surgery first.

I finished the book quite quickly and enjoyed it. Jessica Daniels is a solid character with enough quirks and too few friends to be completely believable though the plot itself was a bit too straightforward. Maybe it’s because I have read too many crime novels to see patterns easily, but it was still satisfying to see I was right at the end.

Vigilante on the other hand was a little bit less obvious. It is set several months after the first book and things for the character had changed which led to her feeling isolated more. She has picked up some new bad habits which turn out to be quite annoying to read about as I can’t quite follow the character. The book itself was much more fun to read as the story was more compelling and perhaps because I didn’t guess the end.

Overall I am enjoying the Jessica Daniel’s series a lot and book three is on my list of books to read next. I am also looking forward to book four and five which are set to be released later in the year.

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