Easy Kiweasy!

Today I baked some kiwi muffins following [mostly] the Kiweasy recipe on the Abel & Cole website. Not only did I bake and cook for the second day in a row, but I also did something I mentioned in the previous post so it’s pretty much a double achievement!

I modified the recipe by using eight muffin cases rather than a muffin tray which I do not have and I also mixed all the ingredients in one bowl starting with the wet ingredients before adding the dry ones starting with sugar. The mixing was done by a housemate which was great seeing the mixture was rather worryingly thick.

Preparation was about ten minutes and the time in the oven was bang on 25 minutes.

The final result was amazing. The muffins were crunchy sweet on the top and broke open slightly during the baking. The inside was fluffy and the kiwi really complimented the muffin. My brain kept telling me that I’m eating an apple and cinnamon muffin and it was uncanny just how similar the kiwis tasted. The whole muffin had a rather balanced taste to it, it wasn’t too sweet, but just right.

Seeing I have enough ingredients left I’m very tempted to make another batch tomorrow!

Unrelated – I have watched a lot of films today:

  • Poirot’s Mystery of the Blue Train
  • Galaxy Quest [brilliant as ever]
  • Van Helsing [which will always remind me of the game]
  • The Green Hornet [much better than I expected]
  • The Rock [also brilliant as ever]
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