Sleeping and other issues

The last couple of weeks have been a bit weird. First I suffered with headaches thanks to my finally resolved glasses situation with Boots Opticians and now I’m trying to function after only getting eight hours sleep in total since Saturday morning.

Whilst my insomnia or very occasional somnolence have been with me for years, it seems very different at the moment. I’m exhausted and which led to me feeling incredibly anti-social both online and offline, as well as being unable to actually utilise the extra time like I have learned to over the years. Insomnia = the time at night I get things done. This past week I’ve been lying in bed awake for hours or, as in most cases, all night. The first night it started I was in bed from 10pm lying awake all the way until 8am the next morning with none of the usual tricks* helping.

I’m hoping this will normalise again soon and won’t be something that becomes a habit.

*Usual tricks that help me sleep [in no particular order]: Reading, music, podcasts, casual games on my phone, watching TV, sleeping on the floor, complete darkness, drinking tea.

Totally unrelated to my problem, but an interesting read: The myth of the eight hour sleep.

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2 Responses to Sleeping and other issues

  1. Trina says:

    awwww you need a good gaming weekend where you then just totally sleep in cause you’re worn out! hehe

    Have you tried lavender?


  2. Cat says:

    I have and don’t particularly like it. Or rather I don’t like the smell of anything much.

    It’s normalised itself, finally, though it took over a week. :(


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