To-do lists

I’ve never been a fan of to-do lists in my private life which, I suppose, is mostly due to always using them in a working environment to keep myself organised.

It all progressed over time starting with making notes in my diary on the day something was due to having dozens of post-it notes littering my monitor [and not leaving work in the evening until they had been completed] to complete to do lists for each day. In a way I have always used the principle that I don’t have to remember something if I have written it down.

My recent [well, it’s been over six months now..] level of organisation started slipping around the beginning of February. Suddenly I was back to picking up the pieces constantly which took far more time than just being organised from the start. It initially started only with occasional chores, such as keeping the kitchen cupboard [mine is small and difficult to reach seeing I’m short] and the fridge [1.5 shelves] tidy at all times or keeping up to date with filing paperwork, but it soon became a problem with everyday tasks, too, such as laundry.

The main difficulty was trying to figure out how to best get a to-do list fitting into my daily life. I don’t use paper and didn’t want an app that I could only access on my phone. This all changed when I realised that Google Tasks didn’t only work with Gmail, but, most importantly, was also integrated in Google Calendar. I don’t know why I have never noticed the Tasks button before seeing I look at the calendar at least 20 times a day, but the past three weeks have been brilliant.

Using a to-do list in my daily calendar allows me to plan ahead without pressure. I don’t have to spend an entire day doing things, but can group tasks logically. For example paperwork with bill paying is on one day, whereas something different such as a charity shop drop off or recycling [not to be confused!] on another one. That way, once all the tasks on one day are completed, I don’t have to feel pressured about doing everything on one day knowing that it’ll come up on another day in the week and I can always shift them around if something comes up.

I also bought a whiteboard a couple of weeks ago which, asides from tracking things like my sleeping patterns, seems to mostly be used for cat pictures and random doodling.

I finally feel like I am getting back on track. There are still quite a few things to be sorted out this week, but I’m looking to be able to concentrate on my writing with no chances of procrastination by the end of the week which will be fantastic.

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