Cat’s vegetable hotpot

Yesterday I made a vegetable hotpot thing which turned out so well that I am now confident in calling myself a capable cook.

I used the following vegetables:

  • One red onion, diced
  • Several garlic cloves, diced
  • Several carrots, cut into small chunks
  • Several potatoes, cut into small chunks
  • One chard, cut into small pieces
  • One chicory, cut into small pieces
  • One leek, sliced
  • 3/4 of a large bag of spinach
  • A can of baked beans

I used the following herbs:

  • A chicken stockcube
  • A vegetable stockcube
  • Lots of dried parsley
  • Lots of freshly ground black pepper
  • Some dried coriander
  • Some dried sage

I started by softening the onion and garlic in a saucepan with some olive oil and butter for a few minutes before adding the carrots and potatoes. Then I added the stockcubes, some hot water and the herbs and let it simmer until they were getting soft. This took about 15 minutes.

I then added the chard, chicory and leek with some more hot water allowing it to simmer for another 10 minutes before adding the baked beans followed by another ten minutes of simmering. At this point it was all getting quite gooey and smelled delicious.

Finally I added the spinach for the final few minutes and served.

Seeing this was the first thing I had eaten that day I had quite a lot of it and I have about as much left over meaning realistically that serves about four people. Or two if you like it as much as I did!

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