Excuse me, Miss

Waiting at the bus stop after a long day when this guy in his early twenties who had already been waiting there asked me the strangest question I had heard for half an hour* and the following conversation ensued:

“Excuse me, Miss, this is going to sound like a weird question, but do you happen to have a baby wipe on you?”
“You are right, that is a weird question. No, I don’t.”
“I do apologise, it’s just that I seem to have scraped my arm.”

And he showed me a quite large black scrape.

Somehow that lightened my mood mostly due to its randomness. Of course, I could overthink it and wonder if he thinks all women carry baby wipes or if I fit the stressed mother stereotype, but at the end of the day it was just a delightfully random question asked very politely.

*The other weird question just shortly before was: “The word ‘team building’ has very negative connotations for me. How do you feel about it?” [I agreed]

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