Writing a scene

“Even tea didn’t taste the same”, he said with a small smile.

After having a scene go round my head for days I finally decided to write it down earlier this week and within a few hours I wrote 3005 words. They’re mostly unstructured, the grammar is awful and a lot of loose ends, but it is a first draft.

It’s the first time at least this year that I have written anything fictional and the scene is very much chick-lit which is unlike everything I have ever written before. I also don’t know whether it is something in the middle of a story or a standalone part or maybe even the beginning or end and thinking about branching it out almost terrifies me as I don’t want to ruin the characters or the story, even though I don’t actually know either!

Wanting to carry on with that momentum I tried to write more on Monday, Tuesday and tonight, but have been failing and only got another 30 words down. Maybe I need to actually set time aside, but with work and other commitments it is difficult to switch off enough to focus on it which might explain why I wrote the scene at the end of my one week off work.

I kind of want to know what is happening to them next.

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