2012 in review


2012 was a curious year for me with a lot happening.

After glorious #funemployment lasting six months I got a new job that I am still enjoying ten months later. Whilst it is the best job I have had my whole life, which is in a large part due to the relaxed working hours, I have found myself struggling with a meaningful work-life balance and, additionally, have had private matters affect me at work which isn’t great. All in all I am still mostly looking forward to going to work though.

I went on several trips:

I played a very small number of games, didn’t do much knitting, but I did read 61 books, went to see a bunch of classical concerts in Reading and London, as well as two weddings. Most of the pictures I was tagged in on Facebook involve me holding some form of alcoholic beverage, mostly wine.

I’ve had my first birthday party since 1993 and loved it.

I attempted a half marathon walk and failed miserably.

I took on too much charitable work and have [hopefully] now learned how to cut down whilst at the same time planning to increase my work with Cancer Research UK.

I was ill far too much, including my knee leftover from last year, my wrist which was also a leftover from last year and various other things, including a bad flu all over Christmas and the new year with heavy fever. I have also discovered that I am lactose intolerant which is a bit of a bitch as I love yoghurt and all things dairy.

I have become more grounded in who I am. More settled in life and with my roots [that sounds pretentious..] and ever more accepting of the burglary. I am even planning a visit to my hometown in Germany in 2013 which will be the first time in my life that I will visit it out of my own devices, rather than a familiar or other obligation. This is a big step for me.

2013 has started with a whimper and being ill. I hope it will be the best year yet.

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