No workplace disgruntlement here

I read this article over a week ago and have had mixed feelings about it. Whilst reading it I thought that I wouldn’t be able to recognise myself in an article called ‘Workers face ‘hard year of slog’ in 2013′, but as I got towards the end I found this paragraph resonating in me:

“Workplace disgruntlement in the private sector will instead take the form of simmering distrust of bosses, especially those who adopt the trendy management speak mantra of ’employee engagement’ while piling the pressure on overstretched staff,” he said.

I like my job. I like the company. I like the colleagues. I enjoy the actual work. After ten months I still don’t hate going to work or getting up in the morning though flexible working hours definitely help as I sometimes go in rather late.

However, in the last months my team and particularly me have taken on a lot of new responsibility which has taken a lot of my time and most of November and December I felt pretty stressed most of the time. The only reason we have taken on these new responsibilities is because the people that were in charge before left and weren’t replaced.

Every day is a new challenge and I haven’t found myself bored in the job yet. Could I do with less work? Of course. Would I trade it for less variety? I don’t think so.

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