Went bowling for a friend’s birthday on Thursday. Due to some mix-up we couldn’t play when we had reserved lanes for and had to wait over an hour which led to a couple of beers and several games of pool.

I can’t actually remember the last time I played either pool or went bowling. Bowling was at least before 2003, but I do believe pool was more recent, perhaps six years? As such I didn’t do very well – lost all the games of pool, much to the chagrin of my team mate who is also one of my current housemates. Whilst I won the first game of bowling – with what I’m told is a very respectable 120 points – I lost all subsequent ones with scores below 60 which the competitive me didn’t actually mind.

Most of all it was an usual activity and fun. Well, fun for the most of it.

Despite always needing to convince myself to make the effort to go, I generally enjoy social situations even if they’re larger groups. On Thursday I knew most of the people as they are close friends of my friend’s whose birthday it was, but never spoke much to them before with the exception of awkward smalltalk. That night was no different and I found myself far too often standing with people not knowing what to say or saying too much too fill uncomfortable silences. That part wasn’t fun.

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