Snow, glorious snow!

On Friday snow hit the UK with more snow than even in 2010 so we did the only natural thing and built a snowman at work. As you do.

Following that I had the first free weekend in two weekends which doesn’t sound so grand, but considering the hours I’d been working plus spending most of the time on the weekends out of the house I really needed the break. I didn’t switch on my laptop from Friday evening until now, Monday evening and spent most of my time reading and falling asleep on the sofa.

Just as well as it was far too slippery and icy outside as evident by me falling over on my brief trip to the local shops on Saturday evening.

I need more relaxing time like this!

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1 Response to Snow, glorious snow!

  1. birtswedding says:

    Lovely smiley snowman or is it a lady? :) Hope you get more relaxation time.


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