What would you do if you had a pet and it suddenly spoke to you?

This question came up in a conversation with a friend last night and, out of curiosity, I posted it both on Twitter & Facebook to see what replies others would give.

For what it’s worth – my immediate reply was: ‘I’d stop drinking’ as I took another sip from the wine glass in my hand.

These are the responses I got:

  • I’d make sure the cats understood the need to check left and right before crossing the street!
  • I’d stop drinking.
  • Change the shit your smoking.
  • Sell tickets.
  • Go for a brain scan.
  • Reply, of course.
  • Get an agent.
  • Depends what it said.
  • I always wonder what if the Hindus are right about reincarnation and my dog is a 60 year old guy watching me shower.
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3 Responses to What would you do if you had a pet and it suddenly spoke to you?

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