The final night

With over twenty moves in my lifetime so far including some involving different countries, I have perhaps done more moving than the average person will do in their entire life times.

As much as I hate the planning and the actual moving itself, there are quite a few aspects about it that I do really enjoy about it. At this point I should clarify that none of these are ever a driving factor for a potential move!

  • The final night in the former place. It feels a bit like the night before Christmas or the night before a new year at school – there’s anticipation in the air, but also worry. “Have I remembered everything?” As someone who quite enjoys the peace at night anyway, this feels even better. There’s the chance to reflect on the history – good and bad – and reviewing if everything’s packed [in my case there’s usually some last minute stuff that needs doing], but also it’s about getting excited for the change and the new place and everything that comes with it!
  • Getting the keys and exploring a new place for the first time. Of course I will have viewed a place and will know the general stuff about it, but viewings are usually a very quick thing and not something where you’re able to really picture and plan things. The first exploration and the first decisions on where to put something is usually fun.
  • Unpacking. I don’t really enjoy the overall unpacking process as it’s usually quite daunting, however, I do enjoy the first few bits to make a place mine. Assuming – as for most places – I move somewhere with existing furniture, it’s a case of finding the right place for the canvas picture of my mum, the box of postcards I’ve collected over many years, a couple of candles, as well as pictures in general. Little touches that make a place a home.
  • Making the bed. I mean sleeping in a freshly made bed is spectacular at the best of times, but it’s extra special if it’s for the first time in a new place. Plus the right kind of bedding can really add some colour, like most of mine is strong reddish colours for example.
  • The first night. Everything is different at night, but particularly the sounds and noises. That first night usually is a precursor of things to come. Is the place near a busy road and if so, is the sound a lulling white noise or a more active. Neither of those are bad as it means there is some form of background noise. How about neighbours, are they more quiet or lively? That’s not to even begin talking about the noises of the house, the cracking of wood or the humming of pipes or housemates walking about.
  • The first morning. Making a cup of tea and seeing how far the sunlight comes into the place whilst standing by the window watching the neighbours.
  • Exploring the area. This is everything from finding the closest public park or pretty area to discovering the best local shops and getting to know the shopkeepers as no doubt I’ll be seeing a lot of them. It’s about timing the journey to the public transport stop and finding alternative routes nearby.

As for now – I still have packing to do and will then enjoy the quiet of this final night without worrying too much about the long journey ahead!

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