On getting healthy

One of the reasons behind my recent [yet still ongoing] move to Germany is to get really well again. I’ve been ill since the end of 2015 and housebound most of 2016 and haven’t been doing a lot of things I used to do.

For example my diet this year has been completely whack – I really can’t describe it any other way! I went through some weeks almost unable to eat, others where I lived on bread sticks, others where I could eat anything, and even others where even drinking water made me feel unwell. Before this whole debacle I received weekly vegetable delivery boxes which contained my main foods for the week. I baked bread and bread rolls [not always successful, but always an experience!] and, although there was the occasional takeaway, it wasn’t that terrible overall. This is something I need to tackle and have tackled already – in the past few days I have primarily eaten salads and fresh fruits though that is also in a large part amplified because of the hot weather. The plan is to get back to eating regularly and building up a good diet again without too much blandness and processed foods.

Fitness. Despite being overweight, I used to be able to walk a couple of miles without any problems and even something longer would be doable with a little planning and the right footwear [no flipflops!]. I often chose not to, because of lack of time or because I really dislike walking anywhere without a purpose, but sometimes back in early 2013 or late 2014 I would even walk home from work on sunny evenings which was around 4-5 miles depending on the route. After I sprained my ankle in September 2013 I used crutches for a long time as it healed really badly and didn’t get properly back on my feet until mid 2014 when I joined the local gym to use the treadmills for walking in the evenings where I could watch something on my tablet or read on the Kindle so it didn’t feel quite like wasted time. This year I have become tremendously unfit.

In the past week I have travelled to and within Germany with over 60kg luggage spread across two suitcases and three other bags [in hindsight this was too much and definitely unwise – I have the bruises to prove that!]. Travelling included a 21 hour coach journey and multiple other trains and busses and all in all it was a lot. Each day since I have walked a couple of miles to get things done in town, but also to get fit. My body isn’t used to this and I’m bruised and I’m in pain and I don’t want to, but at the same time I can already feel the improvement after just a few days. Yesterday I walked 9599 steps over 6.5km and even though my whole body hurt, it hurt less than the day before where I did 4k fewer steps. This isn’t a case of ‘the pain makes me feel alive [which would be a whole psychosomatic thing!], but it’s where the pain is helpful because it’s telling me that I’m on the right track and that it is already – after just a few short days – getting easier.

I am specifically not setting myself goals, such as losing weight or achieving a certain fitness level as this isn’t a race but an overall positive adjustment. Additionally I’m looking at things I want to do that I’m currently not able to for example, there’s a 12km walk by the river near here which is meant to be pretty and would be nice to do at some point soon.

If you’re using a Fitbit, you should add me – my Fitbit profile.

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