Feeding my soul

​’Feeding your soul’ is a concept I have come across quite frequently from some lifestyle blogs I used to read but I never gave it any more meaning than ‘treat yourself’. After a tumultuous year, a few days of travelling followed by a really hot week with up to 36 degrees Celsius, I feel today I have really been able to feed my soul and I think I now understand the meaning as it’s intended and why it is important. Here’s why today has been great:

Beautiful weather: Today is certainly the start of autumn. Sure I like spring for its first flowers and fresh days and I like winter for its coldness and snow – if there is some – and I like summer for its long mild evenings sat outside, but above all I love autumn especially after a hot summer. There are leaves on the ground, it’s colder and wetter, there are far fewer insects, and it’s time to dig out the candles for soft evening lights. Today is a grey, wet, rainy, cool day. I’m wearing my woollen slippers and a cardigan. I’m drinking copious amounts of tea – currently on the ninth cup. I can smell the dampness in the air. It’s autumn!

Writing: For the past month I have [again] been working on a novel I first started writing back for NaNoWriMo in 2009 which is about a lifetime ago. I had in the meantime picked it up twice but never made any real headway until now where it’s grown and I have developed a loose plot as well as worked a lot with the characters to make their motivations and decisions clearer and fit better within the story. It’s been challenging because I’m trying to have events happen that the main character isn’t actually there for but shape the overall story so she needs to find out about it through meaningful and unobvious ways as I don’t want the reader thinking it’s important as I’d like to have certain threads run in the background. I’m still a million miles away from even completing the first draft, but it’s been great getting back to it and it’s been my reward recently to allow myself an hour a day to focus on it once other things were finished and done. Today I have been able to write a lot more, especially in the morning when the brain is still fresher, and I’ve managed to write some parts that I before hadn’t been too sure about. 

Peace and quiet: I have spent a lot of time on the balcony today. Already in recent days I have loved coming out here late in the evening to cool down and read in the perfect stillness under the full moon, but during the daytime it’s been way too hot. I actually love rain provided I don’t have to be in it so a mostly dry balcony is perfect. This meant some limited people watching, but mostly just meant me, some quiet background music, the laptop, and the gentle sound of rain falling. It’s been incredibly relaxing. 

Just being out on the balcony for four to five hours feels like I’ve had a week’s holiday and that I’m ready for whatever comes next. I finally understand what ‘feeding your soul’ means. 

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