Tassle hassle

Non-exhaustive list of things I hate about knitting (in no particular order):

  • Casting off – For one part I’m absolutely terrible with it and usually do it way too tightly even though my tension is usually loose when knitting any other part, but also it’s such a slow process. Usually I’m happy because I’ve finally reached the end of a project and I get excited about finishing it no matter if I’ve loved or hated it, but then it’s that final hurdle that makes you feel like you’re Sisyphus.
  • Sewing in ends – I have this irrational fear that something I’ve knit will unravel a few weeks are I’ve finished it because I’ve not weaved in the ends. I say this is irrational as not only this has never happened to me but also I’ve never heard of this happen to a fellow knitter!
  • Tassels – They always seem like a great idea at the time, they look cute, and can really set a scarf apart from another. However, actually attaching them is a slow and repetitive task and you’ll attach a few thinking you’ve made great progress before realising you’ve only done five. I usually ask people what kind of colours/pattern they want and most of the time I can’t stop myself before then along if they’re like tassels with them. Luckily it seems that tassels are out of fashion at the moment so no one has said yes in a while!
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