Green beanie hat (pattern from @bohoknits & yarn from @sockyarnshop)

I recently finished this hat in just under a week. I had bought the wool from @sockyarnshop (site link) probably about 2-3 years ago intending it for maybe a hat or some wrist warmers. Truth be told, the two hats I’d knit in the past didn’t turn out so great so I’d been a bit weary to start another one. Therefore it took until now that I actually found a great pattern (actually found the pattern within a half hour of Ravelry browsing so it’s not like I spent the last three years hunting every waking minute for a pattern..) from @bohoknits (pattern link).

As gorgeous as the wool is and was to knit with, I don’t think it was right for this project. The hat, as per pattern suggestion, needed wool that was even and would leave it looking sleek and sophisticated, but my version looks like the main feature on ‘my first knitting project’ which actually is true for a lot of my projects. Having primarily knit using acrylic (aka the fake stuff that would melt rapidly if exposed to fire and doesn’t have the warning capability of wool) during most of my knitting career, it is only now that I’m branching out to the wools, the kid mohairs, the alpacas, the bamboos, etc, but I don’t think I understand their weights and densities yet.

Back on topic of the hat, it was a complete joy to knit and incredibly fast. Stocking stitch to this day amazes me how far it can grow and this hat, using almost an entire ball with 420 meter length, was done in a matter of days alongside knitting other stuff. I mean it’s pretty much the ‘blink and you’re done’kind of pattern that you never want to end. I struggled a little bit with the tension during cast-off, but that’s entirely my problem what with it being one of my top three knitting annoyances. Overall this pattern is so easy you could probably knit it in your sleep. I want to make a hundred more hats with this now! (Do you want a hat? Pay for wool & shipping and I’ll make you one!)

I can’t wait for it to get cold so I can wear it!

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