October 2016 Fitbit data

One of the many pretty pictures from my walks this month, but this one is significant as it was the first 'for pleasure' walk

One of the many pretty pictures from my walks this month, but this one is significant as it was the first ‘for pleasure’ walk

This was the first month where I was properly tracking the data as September was the first month where I started getting out of the house and walking again so inevitably everything is looking improved from the previous month! Mind you, I also covered 83km in September so it’s not like I did nothing that month!

I set myself only one goal for the month: under no circumstances rank worse than the previous one and I’m happy to say that I succeeded! I intend to move forward with very few goals, too. One I have is to reach 42km [marathon length] over a week, as well as reaching 5k steps on at least two thirds of the month.

Overall this is still part of making this a lifestyle change – having data [and a now fancy formula’d up sheet] helps me immensely with motivation though and I find a few of the days I’ve been out I only went out because I wanted to keep a streak going. That part I don’t have a problem with, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to deal with streak interruptions well.

I am certainly getting fitter though – this morning thus far I’ve walked 8.5km and I’m slightly sore [partially thanks to a blister I developed], but not dead and will be heading out shortly to run some errands which will be another 4-5km on top of that. If you’d told me even a month ago that I’d be walking that in one day I’d have laughed so I’m really pleased. Additionally I’m really enjoying the walking without a purpose. Until the middle of the month I still needed a reason, even if it was just to get a couple bread rolls, but now I actually want to go out and head into the countryside and listen to audio books!

Standout walks were two woodland walks coming across pretty clearings and intimidating cows and realising that I love walking through woods, despite the second one being terrible with a far far far too steep incline for me, and various walks around some flatter farming areas.


Totals: Month Daily average Month before
Steps: 159252 5137 +
Distance: 107km 3.45km +
Total active mins 44597 1487 +
Minutes Lightly Active 39692 1280 +
Minutes Fairly Active 4477 144 +
Minutes Very Active 428 14 +
Avg steps per km 1488   +
Days exceeded 5k steps 14   +
Days exceeded 10k steps 5   +
Days exceeded 15k steps 2   +
Days exceeded 20k steps 1   +
Days exceeded 7km 5   +
Days exceeded 10km 2   +
Days exceeded 15km 0   +

If you’re using Fitbit, too, then you should add me! My Fitbit profile.

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