Cuxhaven Kugelbake cross stitch pattern


My grandparents used to go to Cuxhaven – a seaside town in northern Germany at the tip of Lower Saxony – each summer for two weeks. They did this for decades and met a bunch of couples doing a similar thing. I used to go with them when I was a small child so I also know the town, its beaches, the certain type of wicker beach chairs, and of course the Kugelbake landmark very well.

As part of small Christmas favours for the other couples they used to meet there regularly, my grandma was thinking of cross stitching a small Kugelbake, however, finding a pattern proved tricky. There are countless patterns of lighthouses and fish and other maritime items, but only one Kugelbake which was too big. Despite being a complete novice as this, I thought I’d give creating a pattern in Excel a shot. I remember thinking the classic ‘how hard can it be’. Well, it’s not hard, but time-consuming. Overall I spent probably about ten hours on it basing it on an embroidered picture she had and several pictures on the internet.

It all seems to have worked out though and the final versions are now done and looking fantastic though I personally can’t look at it any more without seeing some sassy landmark with its hands on the hip looking back at me – doubly so with the string looking like hair blowing in the wind!

To save others the hassle of having to muddle something up themselves, here is the final version used as pdf and if you do decide to make something of it, I’d love to see a picture via comment/tweet!

Rightclick/save Cuxhaven Kugelbake cross stitch pattern/muster

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