Mostly indoors [Week 5] – #carocat2017

  • I’ve always loved the clothing of this brass wall hanging though am glad time has moved on and I don’t have to wear it! 29/365
  • Doodling doodles. 30/365
  • I’ve never seen such unusual plant leaves. [Look at me taking & posting pictures every day for a month!] 31/365
  • One of the creepiest outdoor decorations I’ve ever seen. It’s not meant to be creepy either, but nearly made me jump! 32/365
  • Reading the Brexit white paper. Poor Kindle. 33/365
  • My trusty iPod Classic. Ten years old now and completely scratched, but still works and holds over 24 hours charge! 34/365
  • It’s probably because I’ve been reading FSOG & similar ones recently, but ‘x is mine’ really grates on me. 35/365 @SatScenes

Between bad weather and a lot to do I’ve not really managed to get out as much as I’d have liked and a lot of pictures are from around the house.

The Saturday picture [35] was the first one since the beginning of the year where I’d not actually taken a better picture – that snap was meant to be just one of many I take, but when I went through it a few days later, I didn’t have any more for the day.

I still have to remind myself throughout the day to make sure I have taken a picture that I wouldn’t mind sharing. As I’ve said before somewhere, I take sometimes dozens of pictures in a day, but at least 95% don’t go anywhere. I have three alerts on my phone each day reminding me to take a picture: 8am, 1.37pm, and 10.05pm. Usually one of those will prompt me to look through and see if I can use any of the ones I’ve already taken and, if not, I’ll snap something around me. This week there are a few of the latter ones: 29, 30, 34.

The creepy decoration I actually saw a couple weeks before [when it scared me so much that I jumped!], but I didn’t take a picture and then wasn’t too sure where it was so walking past it again this week was a stroke of luck I guess? It’s actually some sort of bird face thing and I’m pretty sure the owners didn’t intend for it to be seen as creepy!

As for the Brexit white paper: Don’t bother, it’s devoid of meaningful content.

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