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Sleeping issues

I’m used to not sleeping well and have had various sleeping problems since I was 15. I also participated in a sleep study which showed that I generally need less sleep than most people and four hours a night can … Continue reading

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De Quervain syndrome – ‘Knitter’s thumb’ update

I’ve mentioned my thumb/hand issues before here and here and today went back to my GP surgery to have it looked at as it’s now been a month and the pain is still ongoing restricting not only my knitting, but … Continue reading

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Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

I recently completed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 or SWTFU2. I mentioned it very briefly before. I played the first one shortly after its release and was surprisingly enjoying it very much. The Euphoria game engine coupled with the … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

I got very excited a couple of weeks ago when I received an email to the weekend beta testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic as it has been a game I’ve waited for a long time. I had never … Continue reading

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“You’re pretty much ancient already”

A random memory came up as I was just reading a friend’s Facebook status and, before I forget it again, I thought I’d post my comment here also. Years ago – when I used to do a lot of Children’s … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of the Sanguineous Stump – Murder Mystery evening

Last Friday I went to a murder mystery evening in Reading organised as part of the Reading Festival Of Crime Writing 2011. The story: Sol Joel, owner of the mansion at Maiden Earlegh, diamond merchant, horse race owner and cricket enthusiast … Continue reading

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Skyrim has consumed my life for the past few days with my total time spent probably around 35 hours. It is quite an extraordinary game with lots to explore and do from cutting random pieces of wood for no reason … Continue reading

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Too much organisation can be…?

Just over two months ago I spent a weekend completely tidying up my room, organising things into boxes and rearranging things. Since then things have somewhat progressed to a whole new level. I have: Bought more storage boxes bringing the … Continue reading

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Ongoing ‘knitter’s thumb’

Two weeks ago at around this time in the evening I felt the beginning of the strain in my right thumb. This left me with a bandaged thumb/hand for six days barely being able to use my hand without pain … Continue reading

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Knitter’s thumb!

Went to bed last night with a slight strain in my right thumb and put it down to too much knitting, even though I hadn’t really. Woke up throughout the night with pain, pins and needles and a slight bit … Continue reading

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