The amount of times I move is getting excessive now and even a post I made in 2009 is now very much out of date so I figured it warrants its own page now.

Lo and behold, this is how many times I’ve moved since 2003:

  • Moved to the UK in 2003 and stayed for three months with a friend and some of his friends in a student houseshare. It was a very intense summer, probably fuelled by the heatwave which forced us to sleep in tents in the garden for weeks as the house became unbearable hot!
  • Moved out as the contract was only for three months and the student whose room I’d been renting returned for another year at uni. Ended up in a houseshare via an agency with two Chinese students who went to sleep at four in the afternoon and a Polish woman who was in the country illegally. She also had her boyfriend move in which was great fun as he kept coming onto everyone else in the house. Came home after work one evening just five months later to find the locks changed as the landlord wanted to have his daughter move into my room instead. Nice to give notice..
  • Found a room with a, as it turns out later very dysfunctional, family within 24 hours and lived there for a year. The family members were bearable individually, but impossible combined and Christmas that year was definitely memorable! I did meet their daughter though and we became close friends.
  • With the traffic in Reading as bad as it is, I decided to move closer to town centre to minimise my commute, although it only chopped about thirty minutes off my total journey which was three hours per day originally. But, thirty minutes was still better than nothing and the garden of the house seemed like an oasis. Shame that the same can’t be said about the housemates which were two bitchy hairdressers, a Canadian who had about ten girlfriends at once and an English girl that didn’t like me for whichever reason. I made the mistake of admitting my Molluscophobia to them and found a nice present outside my room door on the landing one morning..
  • Unsurprisingly I was very excited when a colleague mentioned that him and his partner had a free room in their house as their current housemate moved out just days before and I moved within days. Stayed with them at the first house for ten months.
  • We moved to the second house together where we were joined by another housemate. I stayed for sixteen months in that house which seemed doomed from the start with everything breaking constantly!
  • Decided to move into my own house which seemed like a big step as I’d never lived on my own before. At the time it wasn’t the best idea as I clearly wasn’t ready so I only stayed there for six months. Parts of the problem were also that it was quite out of the way and a trip into town took a good twenty minutes on a quite irregular bus service.
  • After staying in various places with friends and Bed and Breakfasts for several months, I moved to Germany to stay with my grandparents for a couple of months.
  • Moved back to the UK to the outskirts of London as I found a job near there. This didn’t work out due to some crazy housemates and a ridiculous landlord who showed people round the room before giving me notice while I was in bed asleep. Great fun..
  • Stayed in Spain for month.
  • Stayed at my dad’s in Germany for a month.
  • Stayed several months at my grandparents. Again.
  • Came back to the UK beginning of June this year and stayed for a month back at my friends in the doomed house initially to housesit their dogs and house while they were on holidays and then staying on until my flat became available.
  • Moved into a flat in town center in July 2009 and stayed there until I was burgled in January 2011.  I really liked the flat, its convenient location in town center and generally most things about it. I also loved #soulcat..
  • Stayed with a friend for a couple of months whilst looking for a new place and trying to sort out my life after the burglary.
  • Moved into a new flat February 2011 and found out within a week that it was being sold. The flat had an even better location near town and was generally nice. Luckily I hadn’t even started unpacking yet.
  • Moved into a houseshare at the end of April.
  • Moved into a studio apartment in September 2015.
  • Moved to Germany in September 2016.