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Vegetables and potatoes

Today I was cooking properly for the first time in months. It was something more than just throwing together pasta or eating a sandwich and ended up to be really nice even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted it … Continue reading

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Vegetable box deliveries

When I was younger we had a weekly vegetable box delivery at home and it was great. Unable to predict the contents the vegetables were varied enough to allow my mum to experiment with things like stuffed aubergines or soups. … Continue reading

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I bought a tree!

Yesterday I bought a tree. A kumquat tree. The first time I’ve had a kumquat was back in 2001 when I went on a river cruise with my grandparents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We went along the Danube river … Continue reading

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Work without interruptions

Someone recently tweeted about a TED talk by Jason Fried called “Why work doesn’t happen at work“. One of the parts I took away mostly was this: And what you find is that, especially with creative people – designers, programmers, writers, … Continue reading

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Rubbish week

Started writing a post on how shit this week’s been, but realised that a) there’s a bunch of things I probably shouldn’t mention and b) it was making me feel even worse. Seriously need something good to happen roundabout now.

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Life direction [or lack thereof]

This is another one of ‘those’ posts. I can’t remember the last time I was actually happy with the direction my life has taken. I think it might have been when I was still at school though there was always … Continue reading

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Family traits

At the end of last year, during a thankfully rare correspondence, I asked my stepdad for pictures of my mum. I’ve still not received them. I have, however, received a bunch of emails this week to sort out am appointment … Continue reading

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Knitting: Green double moss stitch scarf

I’ve been rubbish with knitting this year and this is only my third completed knitting project which I’m mainly putting down to lack of time. I started this around two months ago and finally finished it yesterday. The above image … Continue reading

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Cycling again!

As I’ve moved away from towncentre and dislike public transport, it was about time to fix my bike and start cycling again. Thanks to @KevFerguson and the lovely people at Action Bikes I managed to do that on Tuesday evening and … Continue reading

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Three house moves in four months? I think I’m onto some kind of a record here!

I’ve moved again. Yes, for those keeping track, this is the third time in 2011 and the last time was just two months ago, but as it turns out the landlord was looking to sell the flat. Alas it was … Continue reading

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