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Task set: Be more constructive

I’m having a pretty bad day. Some bad news this morning followed by ripping my favourite [and only!] pair of jeans, as well as lack of sleep which is impacting my ability to concentrate on work and tolerate some of … Continue reading

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Self defense and a necessary change in attitude

I’m pretty fearless in life. There have only been a few situations where I have been worried for my safety and that was mostly using cars or other vehicles. Once back home in Germany I was nearly robbed by a … Continue reading

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Does a Google Doodle warrant a news story? [Spoiler alert: No]

Google Doodle or, what Wikipedia calls, “arty version of the Google logo” has been around for a while marking important events or anniversaries all newsworthy in themselves. A few weeks ago, whilst googling [ha!] a Google Doodle I came across the … Continue reading

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Red Nose Day call centre

During last night’s Red Nose Day I was in one of the many donation call centres set up by companies to aid the Red Nose Day charity. This one was organised by work and, seeing I probably wouldn’t have done … Continue reading

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50000 tweets later.. and I’m still here!

This morning I hit 50000 tweets which is incredibly scary. In fact I reached the number with a tweet to this post which is quite strange really! I joined Twitter just under four years ago and never expected to use … Continue reading

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I am actually feeling better

I have now been without any illnesses in three weeks. In fact it was exactly three weeks that I first noticed feeling better again. This makes a huge difference to before when I was ill all the time. I still … Continue reading

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Happiness is..

..finding that the 360 hard drive with my games saves, particularly my Mass Effect 1 and 2 games saves, wasn’t stolen after all. Now I just need to read through my posts about Mass Effect 2 to remind myself what … Continue reading

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I’m considering this a fail

I started off the year with all the best intentions and even managed to finish a project within New Year’s day, but since then it has slipped drastically and I have yet to finish anything else. Clearly there are some … Continue reading

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Moved. Again!

And I’ve moved again which means it’s another bullet point to be added to my long list of places I’ve lived at in the last years. And moving doesn’t get any more fun. Plus just how did I accumulate all … Continue reading

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