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Happy Yahtzee day!

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And I’ve still not looked up Den Haag library!

The following is a list of Tweets I’ve made on a bus trip from England to Germany in May 2008. Not very exciting, pretty random, but even reading that brings back memories! What happens if you miss a plane and … Continue reading

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First come first served – Invites to Brightkite and Mento giveaway

I’ve recently gotten invites to two new sites and have accounts there. There is Brightkite which is a social networking site based around where you are, go to or have been. Feel free to add me, although I’m not too … Continue reading

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Forbidden but not quite? Germany passes new video game distribution legislation

The German government yesterday passed a new legislation regarding the sale of video games to minors. “Auf dem Index” ist ein Spiel, wenn es keine Jugendfreigabe erhält. Erwachsene dürfen es kaufen, aber nur “unter dem Ladentisch”, es darf nirgends offen … Continue reading

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What I learned from spending a day in the pub.

In an effort to actually get lots of work done and minimise any procrastinating, I decided to spend the day at a pub drinking [mostly] non alcoholic drinks, listening to music and finally finish some pieces I had been writing … Continue reading

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What if you knew that today was your last day on Earth?

Last night I watched a documentary on children affected by cancer who know that they’re not going to live much longer and with the help of multiple charities they were able to do things they always wanted to do, such … Continue reading

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What the hell is going on?

Simple answer: How the hell do I know? No, seriously, I dunno.. I admire people who know what they want to do in their life, who know who they are and what their aims are. I’ve never known all that … Continue reading

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Ext HDD problems

The error message I get when connecting my Western Digital 1TB external HDD. It was running fine until about thirty minutes ago when it I couldn’t connect to it any more. Since then I’ve rebooted my laptop, reinstalled the drivers … Continue reading

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