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Food and other things [Week 6] – #carocat2017

The opening of The Stalker which drew me in straight away. Full review here. 36/365 Dinner: cheesey bread with [colourless!] bruschetta and vegetarian fried thing. Pretty good, picture doesn’t do justice! 37/365 Probably my favourite food in the world: homemade … Continue reading

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Mostly indoors [Week 5] – #carocat2017

I’ve always loved the clothing of this brass wall hanging though am glad time has moved on and I don’t have to wear it! 29/365 Doodling doodles. 30/365 I’ve never seen such unusual plant leaves. [Look at me taking & … Continue reading

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Lots of walking in either great or grey weather [Week 4] – #carocat2017

One of my favourite pictures I’ve taken in a while – walking along the Weser on Sunday. Just look at that sky! 22/365 The difference a day makes – view to the hidden Klüt hill on Monday vs the day … Continue reading

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Snow and some travelling [Week 3] – #carocat2017

Sunrise after snowfall is usually quite pretty. 15/365 Snow covered old cemetery in #Hameln. 16/365 Pieces of the Berlin wall on the #Giessen train station square, adapted by art collective. More info here. 17/365 The ‘oh crap, I can’t use … Continue reading

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Food, bits around the house, and snow! [Week 2] – #carocat2017

Frozen blueberries and soy yoghurt have become one of my favourite things recently. 8/365 This image doesn’t look like much, but that right there was that one in 20 perfect cups of coffee! 9/365 Not only did the update take … Continue reading

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Birds, ducks, skies, and boats [Week 1] – #carocat2017

Stunning sunset on New Year’s day. 1/365 I got many problems, but a lack of books on my Kindle isn’t one of them! 2/365 More birds than The Birds plus a beached boat. Random discoveries! 3/365 The Tolkien and the … Continue reading

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As part of @satscenes self portrait week I took the above picture yesterday. I originally bought the wig to wear it at the three Race for Life events I am volunteering at this year, but last weekend’s Windsor Race for … Continue reading

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Photo library

Sorting out all the photos I have taken has been an ongoing project of mine for close to two years and I’ve blogged about it several times before. And, as of a few days ago, I’ve actually finished it! All … Continue reading

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This week I spent a couple of days in Sheffield which was more of a neccessity rather than a trip for the sake of going on a trip. Still, no one can say I didn’t do a bit of sightseeing … Continue reading

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About @SatScenes and why haven’t you taken part yet?

I have been taking part and tweeted about SatScenes since 2008 which is why I was surprised when @spritesbites told me she never really knew what it was about. SatScenes is a collection of photographs taken by people on Twitter … Continue reading

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A picture can be worth a thousand words

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been organising my pictures folder. I actually been making progress with it though it’s mostly just that I spend a few minutes here and there on it. Tumblr yesterday announced its new ‘mega-editor‘ which allows … Continue reading

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Organising pictures

Full size I’ve spent a lot of time in the past month trying to sort out pictures. Before I started there were roughly 8000 pictures, though a lot of them duplicates, stored in too many places, including two laptops [one … Continue reading

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Project365 week 2 – “The big freeze followed by the big thaw then some more snow followed by rain. What’s going on?”

It’s week two of my Project365 and another week featuring mostly pictures taken in and around the flat. The few times I have left the house I didn’t come across much worth taking a picture of and twice I nearly … Continue reading

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Project365 week 1 – “Snowmageddon* is upon us and I can’t leave the house”

It’s the first week of 2010 and it’s been snowing for most of the time which has left me unable to leave the house due to living on slopey road and appreciating both my life and intact bones! The images … Continue reading

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In 2009

#In2009 is a hashtag that’s been popular on Twitter the past few days and it’s been interesting to see what other people have done in 2009. I posted a tweet as well, but feel like I want to elaborate a … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – #2 – The dressing gown edition

I went shopping today and can’t remember the last time my feet have hurt this much.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – #1 – The candle edition

Truth be told I nearly forgot it’s this time of year again. I will be attempting to post a picture containing anything pink each day. #1 – The candle edition:

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Procrastination at it’s finest!

That’s a list of things I wanted to get done on this blog today ranging from sorting out some pages, clearing up the sidebar, transferring more content from cat on tumblr and creating new pages. How many of the things … Continue reading

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