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My great-grandma

As part of a series on families who have lived in the town for many years, the local paper recently published a group photo from a wedding in the early 50s which my great-grandma and my grandad amongst other family … Continue reading

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A long awaited picture

I lost a bunch of items back in 2008 which meant I didn’t have any more images from my mum. With the relationship to my stepdad as it is, I only got a new picture on this week’s trip to … Continue reading

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First night. Well, kind of anyway!

*smacks hand to forehead* Forgot to actually publish this. It’s now a day later! As I’m typing this I’m alone in my flat for the first time which is quite surprising seeing I’ve been here for over 48 hours so … Continue reading

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It’s not easy..

My grandad [born in 1925] has Parkinson’s disease, very early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, had several strokes, a heart attack and has a pacemaker. Simple things such a trip into town to the doctor or his twice weekly rehab visits … Continue reading

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Introducing mechanical Cat..

As I was talking to a good friend via IM yesterday and today [no offence if you are reading this, this has nothing to do with you personally] I’ve found myself become less and less interested in the conversation and … Continue reading

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