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Links I’ve been meaning to blog about for too long [Part 2]

Just like my previous post I’ve again reached the point where my Firefox is slowing down due to the high number of open tabs with things I’ve been meaning to blog about in ages! Most of these are gaming related … Continue reading

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Things I’d like to see improved in Mass Effect 2

It’s only eight days to go until Mass Effect 2 is released and due to it including a character import I’m playing through the first one again to create the ‘perfect’ save. Ideally I want my character to be a … Continue reading

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Project365 week 2 – “The big freeze followed by the big thaw then some more snow followed by rain. What’s going on?”

It’s week two of my Project365 and another week featuring mostly pictures taken in and around the flat. The few times I have left the house I didn’t come across much worth taking a picture of and twice I nearly … Continue reading

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On game completion

A while back I’ve had a conversation on Twitter with @PCurd and @jamesbmarshall: PCurd: @craigyd I bought Torchlight in it off your recommendation :) Also Kotor as I’ve lost my pc copy. # carocat: @PCurd KotOR again?! Aren’t your saves … Continue reading

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Post revisited

I wrote a blog post in November last year which summed up a few reasons on how my usage of online media has changed over the years due to necessity rather than by my own wishes [which was also linked … Continue reading

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Project365 week 1 – “Snowmageddon* is upon us and I can’t leave the house”

It’s the first week of 2010 and it’s been snowing for most of the time which has left me unable to leave the house due to living on slopey road and appreciating both my life and intact bones! The images … Continue reading

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