Comment Policy

I love receiving comments. Not only does that show me that people actually read this blog, but it also means that you, yes, you who is now reading this, can share your opinion with me and every other reader.

I do however have a comment policy:

Anyone can comment, however you are being asked for your email address. Don’t worry, your email address will never be displayed and I will not pass it on to anyone else.

All comments belong to the author of the comment which is not to be confused with the author of this blog – me.

Comments are not pre-moderated which means they should go live as soon as you hit the button. This may change at any point.

I will delete any comments I consider hateful, abusive of attacks on an individual.

Your comment might be held for moderation if there are any urls in your comment to prevent spamming. I will approve legitimate comments as soon as I can. If your comment is not approved within a few days or within me making other posts or comments it may have ended up in the spam lists. In that case please contact me and I will have a look for it. Currently I receive about 50-200 spam comments a day and it is a lot of hassle looking through it.

I am very much against txt spk and ask you to leave your comments in a way that they can be read easily.

I can only speak English and German and I’d love to get comments in both of those languages. Any comments in another language will be removed as I can not be certain of it’s meaning.

Thank you. :)