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Fable 2

I was happy that the internet wasn’t as aggressive when Fable came out, there weren’t the constant videos or images or weekly updates or if they were there they most definitely passed me by. It was good in a way … Continue reading

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The music of BioShock

I’m having an incredible amount of incoming searches for the BioShock music which is most likely due to the game finally being released on the PS3. I loved the game and I’m happy for everyone that now has a chance … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo – Is preparation necessary?

It appears that everywhere I look these days people are preparing themselves for NaNoWriMo by either researching their characters or locations. Looking round the NaNoWriMo forums is almost scary as people are asking for very specific things, including Czech accents … Continue reading

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On my English..

As I mentioned recently I am intending to take part in this year’s NaNoWriMo which is something I had been meaning to do for a few years, but always lost interest even before it started. Only time will tell if … Continue reading

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Customer service or rather lack thereof?

Tumblr support – includes receipt confirmation email; initial response within two hours; problem solved two hours. [Based on five requests/problems] Twitterfeed – [GetSatisfaction]; initial reply after 20 mins and problem solved. Earlier problem initial reply one hour, problem solved after … Continue reading

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It appears I forgot about some..

It appears I forgot about some shows in my last post. 90210: Annie is still annoyingly cheerful and happy and I’m trying to figure out if people have not learned anything from the shows of the last years, such as … Continue reading

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TV shows watched recently

I’ve been watching some more TV shows lately and there was some great stuff amongst it, as well as some stuff that disappointed me. I’ve mentioned some of the shows the other week in a similar post. Angel: Being such … Continue reading

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Star Wars Clone Wars

The Star Wars Clone Wars animated TV series has finally started this week and even though I was very disappointed with the film, I was looking forward to this and I’m quite happy to see that it’s actually better than … Continue reading

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I am Sulz!

Which Forum Volunteer Are You? You are sulz! Don’t know much, but you make up for your lack of knowledge with your friendliness and niceness around the forums. Take this quiz It all began two three days ago when, … Continue reading

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Pages updated

Just a brief note to all the searchengine crawlers and to the handful of people who might still have this blog in their RSS reader, I have updated some pages and created new ones. The Archives are up to date. … Continue reading

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Dark Lake theme, NaNoWriMo and more..

Considering it has been over ten months since the last theme change it was about time it happened, so goodbye Diurnal and hello Dark Lake. Diurnal is an amazing theme, great colours, layout and the change of the colourscheme according … Continue reading

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