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Not the best of days #firstworldproblems

This is a complete #firstworldproblems post. Here is a list of things that went wrong today: I didn’t sleep well thanks to a scratchy throat. I started the day with lemsip. I hate lemsip. I got wet in the rain … Continue reading

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Yet another post on my Christmas knitting

I’m happy to report that the Christmas knitting which looked so intimidating just a couple of days ago is now much more manageable. I completed and by now even gift-wrapped two major projects that have taken up a lot of … Continue reading

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One of those moments

Had a conversation today about deaths in families with others that had lost a parent when they were younger. Conversation was the same as always – everyone seems to be affected hugely, even a decade later, whereas I don’t seem … Continue reading

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A tree in a tree!

Took a break from Christmas knitting the other day and attempted a couple of Christmas decorations with dubious results. I made a star of which we won’t speak of again and a Christmas tree based on this pattern. I’m not … Continue reading

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Christmas presents

I’m starting to feel the pressure with all the Christmas knitting I planned to do. Originally I thought I had done it all well – I started before the end of October and I laid out exactly what I was … Continue reading

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The fireplace

Those following me on Twitter will already know that I have been spending far too much time in front of my friend’s fireplace. They finally had their chimney swept and bought wood and Monday was the first time they lit … Continue reading

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How to make a Nutella hot chocolate

It’s no secret that I love Nutella which is probably the German in me coming through! I am sometimes surprised that I like it seeing I generally am not much of a chocolate eater, but there’s just something about it. … Continue reading

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