Console Sales

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  1. Ashish C. says:

    XBox for the winner!!! Nice idea integrating this!!! :)


  2. carocat says:

    Thank you. Yeah, this all keeps it in one place. :)

    The Wii isn’t doing too badly.


  3. Ashish C. says:

    Wii is the second best console out there. If I had money, I’d buy both the 360 and the Wii. It’s definitely newbie or casual gamer material. :) [I’m excited to try out the Wiimote but there’s no official shop for 100s of Miles, and I don’t know if its released here yet.]


  4. carocat says:

    Yeah, the Wii is quite cool. I’d love to have one.

    There is a thread on Matchbox360 which has a nice review of the Wii by BlueHoopedMoose. You can find his post here.

    That sounds really good to me.

    I would like to buy one at some point, definitely. :)


  5. ish says:

    You can find more about Wii at Sickr,it’s in Cat’s blogroll.That’s where I found all about it too :P


  6. carocat says:

    Haha, very true, Sickr is all about the Wii.

    Still, Moose’s review was great. :D


  7. ish says:

    Wow did I misread the stat’s earlier or is it that they’ve sold a number of PS3’s in like 2 days or so?


  8. carocat says:

    I think the PS3 stats have been pretty much static lately. Haven’t seen them move in days.

    No surprise really, there isn’t that much stock, I think it’s sold out everywhere.

    Question is will the 360 sell 10 million by the end of the year?


  9. ish says:

    Considering Christmas day is still there,I’m pretty sure it will.


  10. carocat says:

    Well, the MS chart has remained pretty static as well. And it’s only three weeks left until the end of the year….


  11. Ashish C. says:

    Well I got reviews of Wii, 360 and PS3 on Engadget and Digit Magazine. Thanks for the links both of you. I don’t think 10 million is a realistic target at the year end for MS, more like Jan or Feb 2007. There’s just too much competition.

    PS3 may be hawt, but its still too expensive. Don’t expect it to stay on the top though. Wii is unpredictable. The next big thing or the next big dud. :) It’s still superb. :)


  12. carocat says:

    Yeah, it is all about the Wii at the moment. Question is how much it will impact the other big ones.


  13. Ashish C. says:

    Hehe, and they’re saying they’ve sold 1 Million Units… Jeez. [Refering to Sony’s claim]


  14. carocat says:

    Yeah. Not looking too good for MS either. They were adamant they have 10 million sales by the end of the year.


  15. Ashish C. says:

    I think MS’ll sell about nine hundred thousand consoles at the largest, although that is still very difficult. The Wii got the spot although I’ve been seeing none of the counters moved fast enough as expected. Perhaps people have finally begun preferring the good old PC eh? :)


  16. carocat says:

    Maybe. Although 9 million isn’t THAT impressive, considering it’s been out a year now.


  17. Matt says:

    I swear since the last time I looked at the chart the PS3 numbers went from 886,000 down to 865,000.


  18. carocat says:

    Nah, it hasn’t gone past 870 000 yet. Or not that I have seen anyway.


  19. mrkniceguy says:

    Go Xbox Go!!!

    (I think Sony’s should say “1,000,000 MADE as there are still consoles sitting on the shelves here in the states… why don’t they send any to Europe?) :)

    I’d love to pick up a Wii sometime too. Just waiting for more than one good game.


  20. Ashish C. says:

    Dun look good for the PS3 right now does it? The Wii is miles ahead of it in terms of release thunder but there’ll be ages before anyone manages to catch up to 360. Smart move on releasing the 360 early…. probably the PS2 advantage over Xbox taught MS something this time! :)


  21. Matt says:

    Looks like the PS3 sales are picking up a bit after that stop at 1,000,000.. Quite surprising with the recent loss of exclusives.

    Good for Sony


  22. carocat says:

    Interesting to see how much the Wii has sold in comparison to the PS3. But the PS3 is coming out in Europe this week…. It will get interesting.


  23. Ashish C. says:

    Looks like the tables have turned this time. Last time the PS2 released early and had the run of the market despite Xbox being a great machine. This time its the other way round. Plus Sony didn’t count on Nintendo making a great machine! :D


  24. Cat says:

    True, true.

    The PS3 has now been out for 12 hours over here. I wonder how much they will have sold.


  25. PS3Fan says:



  26. Cat says:

    Hey, well, that is the question. Only time will tell I suppose….


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  28. r4 games says:

    wii are better than other two but still it stands second. I wish wii sells more than xbox 360. of course xbox comes with more features.


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