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Some spam mail

In the past months I’ve noticed Gmail’s spam folder containing several real emails so I’ve made it a habit to check it every other day. At the moment I get about ~200 spam mails a day across twelve different accounts … Continue reading

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Princess makes us a tempting offer!

Vishenka and Veronika were already interested and now Princess comes along, too! Dear friend, It can be so that you do not know me but i will introduce myself. I am … I think … i will keep my name … Continue reading

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A good day

Today has been a fairly unremarkable, yet really good at the same time. I was looking after Bella this weekend and Ian came round today to pick her up again. We had planned to spend the day together as he … Continue reading

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Went to see Gamer tonight and wasn’t all that impressed [hated it!], but there were a few things that I liked/recognised about gaming: During the first few scenes there’s a ‘teabagging’ bit which made me laugh. The cocky gamer. Society, … Continue reading

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This blog is now three years old!

Just realised that I missed the third birthday of this blog which was on September 4th. Come to think of it, I believe I may have missed the 1st and 2nd birthdays, too.. I’m not around on here as much … Continue reading

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Another tempting offer..

So where is this ominous Internet Dating Agency that keeps sharing my email address with desperate Russian women? And I thought Hola was Spanish, what is hello in Russian? Hola my friend!!! This message sent to you from Russian Internet … Continue reading

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