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#Doodleblanket progress

I dug out the #doodleblanket on Friday after having the urge to continue it and decided to see it in all its glory on Saturday. I reckon it is about 55% at this point and it’s massive!

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Too many knitting projects!

I was hoping that once I’d finished my Christmas knitting I would have time for other things, namely the first jumper for myself, but I’m finding that I’m drowning in projects! There are a few projects I started months ago … Continue reading

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Ongoing ‘knitter’s thumb’

Two weeks ago at around this time in the evening I felt the beginning of the strain in my right thumb. This left me with a bandaged thumb/hand for six days barely being able to use my hand without pain … Continue reading

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I hurt my knee last Friday and it’s left me housebound since then. Whilst there’s plenty to watch [24] and do [#doodleblanket] I don’t like this disruption to my routine. I have no work to distract me. I am lacking … Continue reading

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What to do with leftover wool? #doodleblanket!

I have a lot of leftover wool that has quite literally been gathering dust for months, as well as taking up space. I decided to do something with it and, inspired by @sahfenn’s similar project a while back, the #doodleblanket … Continue reading

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