About me


This is carocat.co.uk, my blog. It’s been here for over two years and while it’s initially started as a blog outlining my life it has soon turned away from mediocrity to things that I enjoy or that are a big part in my life. I tend to lose interest with blogging every so often, but always end up coming back! Some would go as far as saying that is my narcissistic side coming through.

But I digress.. I offer a lot of personal information here, however that is about as far as it gets. I value my privacy and anything I post here is simply my opinion and not the one from my employer.

I can also be found at cat on tumblr which gets slightly more attention these days.

Thanks for stopping by.



10 Responses to About me

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  2. Ron says:


    You sound remarkably like me – I’ve devoted quite a few posts to not messing up the language. Poor punctuation burns me, too.

    Actually, way back in the mists of time – OK, 2006 – it was the fact that there are so many ill-written, sub-literate blogs that made me set out to do better, and launch my first blog.

    My WordPress blog was an attempt to reach a wider audience, as most of the readers of my original blog were, like me, M.E. sufferers.

    Ron (from Ron’s Rants, which is tagged as ronsrealm in the WordPress forums for reasons I won’t bore you with.


  3. Cat says:

    My punctuation’s rubbish, but I can always pull the ‘this is my second language’ card! ;)

    And I never started with ambition, just decided to have a place to talk about me really and it’s since evolved greatly.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)


  4. hippysheep says:

    I rather anti-technology but for some reason I ended up with a blog. so I hope to make the best out if this. I can’t understand two-thirds of the ‘features’ of this blog but I intend to learn. the first thing I searched for was CSI Miami–am a fan– having just come come across it here in the Phil. and yes i do support ‘save the vowel’. Good luck!


  5. Cat says:

    Thanks a lot. I’m sure you’ll get used to your blog quickly and remember, everyone is new at something sometimes.

    You should have seen the early versions of this blog or, it’s probably better if you don’t!!


  6. Shaddz says:

    I like the blog, and I love that, like me, you use proper English. Way to be a role-model for other geeks recovering from 1337-sp34k.

    Keep up the good work =)


  7. Cat says:

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the nice words. :)


  8. kizzi says:

    oh my god ive found you at last!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was driving past your house the other day and I was tempted to knock, but i thought no shel be asleep.

    Cat, Yodaisms? really? we need to have words

    love you xxx


  9. Cat says:

    Hi Kizzi!


  10. Yuan says:

    hello, ,, i glad visit to your blog, , nice blog…


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