This week I spent a couple of days in Sheffield which was more of a neccessity rather than a trip for the sake of going on a trip. Still, no one can say I didn’t do a bit of sightseeing whilst there!

  • Arthur’s developed red blisters on his lower lip in the past few hours; typical as I’m away tomorrow and Thursday. Worried. #soulcat .
  • Vet on the phone doesn’t seem that worried about Arthur’s symptoms. Making me wonder if I should go to Sheffield tomorrow though. #soulcat .
  • It’s far too early to be up and about waiting at a bus stop! .
  • #CatIsOnACoach. Again. London Victoria coach station in an hour or so. .
  • All I see are hordes of tired looking commuters and too many red buses. I must be in London! #CatIsOnACoach .
  • Almost had a go at myself earlier when looking for sunglasses. Now really happy I took the time, it’s sunny up North! #CatIsOnACoach .
  • So turns out they weren’t joking when they said Sheffield was very hilly. Haven’t properly gotten used to my new shoes yet! #CatIsOnACoach .
  • In #Sheffield. No more #CatIsOnACoach until tomorrow evening. Yey! .
  • I so want to go on that! #Sheffield .
  • It’s been a long day travelling to Sheffield and spending it with @Outdoorwanderer. Looking forward to seeing @Anie67 tomorrow! .
  • Missing #soulcat and wanting to be home with him. .
  • It’s far too early in the morning to be awake! .
  • Listening to the girls on the table next to me discussing how many times they were sick last night after drinking too much. Weird. .
  • #Sheffield really loves its water features. They’re everywhere! .
  • RT @ANie67: In coffee shop in sheffield with @carOcat – Yey! .
  • #CatIsOnACoach again. On my way back to Reading via London. Incredibly tired which means I’m really looking forward to sleeping now! .
  • At London Victoria coach station. Only one hour to go until #CatIsOnACoach to Reading. .
  • Back home in Reading and finally able to cuddle #soulcat again! There most definitely won’t be any #CatIsOnACoach tweets for a few weeks! .


Embarrasingly it was the first time that I’d been further North than Birmingham and, due to the short planning of the trip I didn’t have time to read up on Sheffield or what it has to offer. I was told about the Winter Gardens ahead of time which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment as it is tiny and pretty much just serves to connect a hotel to a museum/gallery.

I didn’t realise or know that Sheffield is famous for its steel though I do now recall having seen it a lot on knives when I was younger. In fact I only realised when I asked my friend why this card/giftshop had large cooking knives for sale which seemed odd considering this country’s problem with knife crime..

I didn’t get a chance to see a lot of Sheffield as most of the time was spent catching up with friends and seeing I spent so much time travelling I didn’t want to leave the town centre. And there isn’t really all that much in the town centre. There’s a ferris wheel type thing that I went up on and showed some magnificent views all the way to the Peak District, but at the same time is over and done in about ten minutes and probably not worth the price of £6.50!

There are a few churches and squares and interesting buildings and artwork on display, but it wasn’t as much as I expected from a town the size of Sheffield and in fact the only thing I’m really taking away from the town is its obsession with water features on every single square and in between!

Overall it was a good yet very tiring trip, especially as I didn’t get much sleep the nights before the journey and whilst I was there and as much as I do enjoy travelling by coach I still hadn’t fully recovered from last week’s trip. It was great seeing some friends again though and just generally see a different part of the UK.

The following are some of the better pictures I took. There are some more over on my tumblr using the Sheffield tag.


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