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Getting over my inner swinedog

One of the things I’ve touched on in a recent post is that I am trying my hardest to become more grounded and it involves getting back into a routine with life. This isn’t just having that cup of tea … Continue reading

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50000 tweets later.. and I’m still here!

This morning I hit 50000 tweets which is incredibly scary. In fact I reached the number with a tweet to this post which is quite strange really! I joined Twitter just under four years ago and never expected to use … Continue reading

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A worrying event for a blogger

In all the years I’ve been online I’ve had some bad reactions from people that disagreed with me online or simply wanted to annoy me on Xbox Live. Luckily, with having taken so much of my online identity ‘offline’ to … Continue reading

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This is what Twitter does for me

‘Why do you use Twitter’ is a question I am often asked by friends that either don’t use the service or have signed up, but not seen the point themselves. And I end up explaining the same things all over; … Continue reading

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The downside of structure

This post was meant to go live yesterday, but I had some difficulties posting. There was a point yesterday where I found myself with nothing to do and almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I had just finished … Continue reading

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So it’s been a bit quiet on here.

This is the first time in eleven days that I’m using my laptop. It’s not even been switched on once in the meantime. There are several reasons for it: I’m still quite busy both with work and socially. For example … Continue reading

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Recovering after a busy week

It’s been a long and busy week which is largely to do with something I’m not yet sharing on here or the internets at large. However, in addition to that this week’s been stressful. I wasn’t able to sleep properly … Continue reading

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I first joined Foursquare at some point last autumn, because I remember reading about it somewhere and wanted to have a look myself. I didn’t initially see much of a point in it, but started using it for the same … Continue reading

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