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Halfway up the Klüt in Hameln!

Click here for full-size image. Going up the Klüt has always been a goal of mine, even as a little kid. But I’ve never been much of a walker and there’s no public transport up there so I’ve never been … Continue reading

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Food, bits around the house, and snow! [Week 2] – #carocat2017

Frozen blueberries and soy yoghurt have become one of my favourite things recently. 8/365 This image doesn’t look like much, but that right there was that one in 20 perfect cups of coffee! 9/365 Not only did the update take … Continue reading

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Birds, ducks, skies, and boats [Week 1] – #carocat2017

Stunning sunset on New Year’s day. 1/365 I got many problems, but a lack of books on my Kindle isn’t one of them! 2/365 More birds than The Birds plus a beached boat. Random discoveries! 3/365 The Tolkien and the … Continue reading

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Music I listened to in 2016

I didn’t listen to music for a lot of 2016 and it’s only towards the end that I really picked it up again. recorded a conflicting number – on one screen it’s 1200 and another 1069, but it’s a huge … Continue reading

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Review: Star Wars – Episode II: Attack of the Clones audiobook

Just like the Star Wars – Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the book is done well with the audio effects and music and the voices and general content. Battles are described, but they’re not described in every single detail and … Continue reading

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Hamburg HafenCity

Last week I went to Hamburg for a day and had an hour to spare during which I went to explore the HafenCity [harbour city], especially as the Elbphilharmonie – the new Hamburg concert hall – recently completed its build. … Continue reading

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December 2016 Fitbit data

In my November stats post I said: For December I would like to have a minimum of 20 days at over 10k steps and also more than 5 15k steps days. That didn’t happen. December was very disappointing. There are … Continue reading

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Review: Any Means Necessary (Luke Stone #1) by Jack Mars

Barely starting into the second week of the year seems too early to declare something as a ‘book of the year’, but I have really enjoyed this book. Free on Kindle UK, I didn’t think to expect too much despite … Continue reading

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Review: The Risk by S.T.Abby

I have only just realised – thanks to another review on Goodreads – that this author’s pseudonym [unless it’s the real name which would also be awesome] reads Stabby! Brilliant! The description and title don’t sound great, but it was … Continue reading

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